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A shared experience in the garden ...

“Where are you?” God had asked, but the one asking the question was the only one with an answer. How could we expect Adam and Eve to know? Their landscape had shifted from light to darkness, the cataclysm of “the fall” leaving them dazed. Waking up that morning, eagerly anticipating another day as the pinnacle of God’s creation, it was good to be them. Within hours everything from the deepest inside parts of their souls to the dirt under their feet had been transformed. They tucked each other in that night, snuggled in their new clothes, fearful of life in the new world they had created.

(Beyond Pretend, p. 24)

Enhanced life or a transformed life?

But that is not what God says, and we still have our question on the board. Is what God offers that good that we should give up everything? Maybe we should ask, Is he Lord or not? The new life Jesus purchased for us with his shed blood surpasses anything we could dream or imagine, but the offer is not to enhance our lives but to make us new. The reason that many do not have the abundance Christ speaks of is because they are trying to squeeze the riches of grace out of the material of the old life instead of wearing the garment of salvation. Religion can happen in the church pew, but transformation only happens on the path. Only there do we find the “yes” we have been looking for.

(Beyond Pretend, pp. 93-94)


Our Predicament ...

Leave this planet with no changes from where we began our journey and where we are now, and whoosh, next thing we know, we find ourselves in outer darkness, lost forever, a fragility of life that would and should terrify us if we grasp even a fraction of the significance of our vapor-like, God-defying experience here on Earth.

(Beyond Pretend, p. 60)

The Master's workshop ...

Know that bowing before God places us in the exact right place; smack dab in the Master’s workshop; held in his hands.

Here our Savior begins dealing with the rust, dust, grime and broken pieces of our lives, the layers that we are often blind to and helpless before.

Here and no where else are we able to effectively deal with the restraints of our culture, personal life experience, religious experience and training, economic status, everything.

Here in the Master’s workshop everything can and will be dealt with.

And you, the one created, will be perfectly restored in the image of the Creator.

(Living by the Words of God, Part One, p. 40.)



Nothing left up to us ...

We must know that nothing can be left up to us and our natural tendencies. To hear what God has to say we have to be willing to look beyond ourselves. Everything in our lives, every teaching, every principle, must be examined in the light of God’s word. We must allow the Spirit of God and the word of God to have full access to our lives.

The spiritual man.

“But he who is spiritual judges all things, yet he himself is rightly judged by no one” (1 Corinthians 2:15 NKJV).





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